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When is the Best Time for Sports?

Everyone knows that exercise is a lifestyle that is a necessity. Especially in the pandemic era that requires us to maintain endurance by exercising. It’s just that, when is the best time for sports?

There is a study that shows that the body has an alarm that determines the time of exercise. So, within 24 hours, the body will give a signal when to exercise, when to eat, and do other activities.

Well, what about the time to exercise? When exactly is good? Come on, check out more in the following discussion!

The Best Time to Exercise According to Research

There is research from Northwestern University that reveals that circadian rhythms (natural body clocks to regulate the body) will make the movement produced by muscles become effective. Therefore, the best time for exercise is strongly influenced by the natural clock of muscles.

1. In the morning to make the activity more productive

Exercise in the morning is the most common done by everyone. The reason is simple, because the air in the morning is still fresh and cool. This can make yourself more eager to do activities such as exercise.

Like research from The Journal of Physiology conducted on 100 respondents to find out the impact of exercise time on circadian rhythms. The result is, people who exercise at 7 o’clock can make the person can start activities earlier in the day after.

Simply put, the body will feel fresher a full day and ready to do activities early the next day. As a result, you will also be more productive.

In addition, there are studies that show that before breakfast will make fat burn 20% more than usual. This time is suitable for those of you who are running a healthy diet program.

But, if you are worried that energy runs out faster during exercise, you can fill your stomach 2 hours before exercise. It is also good to overcome abdominal pain that occurs during exercise.

There are several other advantages of exercising in the morning, including:

  • Increased endorphins, hormones that can stimulate happiness. That way, the mood or mood will be good throughout the day.
  • The body’s metabolism is increasing, the calories burned will also be more.
  • People with exercise habits in the morning tend to choose a healthy menu during the day and night. A healthy lifestyle will form on its own.
  • Exercise in the morning can improve concentration, problem solving, to decision making. Work performance can also be further improved. This reason is a lot of people choose the morning as the best time for exercise.

2. During the day, optimal for muscle strength

Humans have a more active circadian rhythm of muscles during the day. That is why, some sources mention that exercise during the day will be more effective. If you want to exercise during the day, do it in the time span of 2 pm to 6 pm.

At these times, the human body temperature is at the optimal point to train muscle strength, endurance, and enzyme activity in the body. During the day you can also make the best time for sports.

IMPORTANT TIPS! Although exercise during the day is good, avoid doing it when the sun is overhead! It will actually have a bad impact on the body such as overheating or conditions when your body becomes too hot or known as hyperthermia.

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3. Afternoon and evening, to fill the time

There are some people who do have limited time to do sports activities in the morning. But no need to worry, you can still take the time to exercise in between your busy times in the afternoon and evening. This time span is widely used for sports with a longer duration of time.

Some studies also mention that afternoon to night can make the quality of sleep to be improved. As a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, there are 76-83% of people who do exercise before bed can improve the quality of our sleep compared to people who do not exercise. That is why the night is also called the best time for exercise.

Not only that, at that time, the body is also at a point suitable for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). In addition, you can also choose other exercises such as jogging or brisk walking to increase your heart rate.

When is the best time for sports?

Of the three time lists above, which one is included in the best time? In fact, until now there is no research on scientific information that mentions that there is a special time for exercise.

There are many who say that the morning is the best. But, there are other benefits that can be obtained by oberlahraga at night, increasing the quality of sleep one of them.

So, to choose the right time, it can be adjusted to the special properties you want to get or the time conditions that are suitable for you.

For example, to lose weight can choose the morning before breakfast. But, if you are one of the people who are difficult to sleep, you can choose a time at night because of its properties that can improve the quality of a person’s sleep.

In addition to the best time for sports, there are things that you should also emphasize, namely the consistency of the sport done. According to the American Heart Association, the key to maximum exercise is consistency. To be consistent, you have to choose a sport that is fun or makes you more motivated.

Choice of Types of Sports at Home for the Best Time

The existence of this pandemic may make you confused about choosing what kind of sport because it is done at home continuously. Here are the types of sports that you can choose and do at the best time.

1. Brisk walk up and down stairs

The road here does not have to be done outdoors. You can change to do a quick walk in the yard of the house corridor. To be more varied, you can also go up and down stairs while listening to music. This type of exercise is flexible, yes, it can be done morning or night.

2. Push ups

Push Ups Push Ups (Image by: Pixabay with Creative Commons License)

Although the movement seems simple, if done correctly push ups can be a sport that is quite draining. But still, this sport is relatively easy because it can be done without the help of tools.

Although push ups are good in the morning, you can still do them at night so that the quality of sleep becomes better.

3. Sit ups

Want to make your stomach slimmer? Sit ups are highly recommended. Sit ups are considered capable of making the abdominal muscles become tighter. You can do it in the morning or at night.

4. Yoga

This sport has many benefits. In addition to making the body fresher, yoga also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Both for physical and psychic health.

Well, after knowing when the best time for sports and the choice of types of sports that can be done, do not forget to do it consistently yes. In addition, pay attention to a healthy lifestyle and balanced nutritional intake. Good luck!