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RDX T9 MMA Glove Review: Boxing Gloves Recommended from the UK

A brief search of the RDX brand on Google or Wikipedia will take you to an organic compound page that is completely unrelated to this writing. There is very little information about RDX, or RDX Sports, on Google. Though the company of sports equipment is quite large in its home area: England.

Founded in 1999 in Manchester, the company has a fairly simple purpose. They want to provide a more affordable option for sports equipment. At that time, the British market was flooded with U.S. and Japanese brands whose prices were too high. Now, RDX is no less prestige in the European market.

In fact, some of his MMA products are often included in the best lists. Well, BukaReview wants to test one of their best-predicted products: RDX T9.

RDX T9 MMA Glove review, best in the price class

On its official website, RDX claims that these T9 gloves are perfect for clinching and ground fighting techniques. For those of you who are laymen, these two techniques are a way of fighting that is focused on grappling or lockdown. So, gloves for this technique should give flexibility to the fingers.

However, not only the flexibility required by MMA gloves for grappling. The protection of the hands and fingers is also no less important. In short, MMA gloves for grappling should give the fingers the flexibility to maneuver while providing comprehensive protection for the hands. So, how does RDX T9 perform?

Slick material with a simple design

As soon as it is removed from the plastic packaging, the quality of this glove is immediately visible. Made from real Nappa leather, the RDX T9 promises great performance. The use of genuine leather gives it high durability. With good care, this MMA glove can last for years.

It’s not just the material that deserves a thumbs up. The construction and seam also support its performance. Each panel is neatly and firmly stitched. No threads are detached or visible from the outside. Everything is steady and sturdy. The cut on the inside of the finger hole is neat. It doesn’t hurt the fingers at all when worn.

Protective bearings that provide safety

Protective bearings Protective bearings RDX Glove (Image by: rdxsports com)

As mentioned above, MMA gloves for grappling demand protection against the hands and fingers. Plus, it must be flexible enough for the finger to maneuver and cut off the opponent. Well, all of that is available on this product.

The original leather material has flexibility that provides comfort and flexibility to the fingers, while the foam provides protection on the back of the hand. RDX immerses Shell-Shock gel technology that can dampen the impact. In addition, inside the bearing, there is also a layer of Infused Shock Dispersion that absorbs the impact and spreads it to the surface of the foam.

The inner layer brings extra comfort

It’s not just the outside that deserves praise. The inside is no less great. For lining or inner lining, RDX uses Dazzle Fabric that feels good on the skin and has a sweat-wicking feature. That is, the sweat absorbed on the inside will be directly “thrown away” and dried. Enough features are needed by sports equipment.

The RDX T9 also features O-Palm and a hole in the finger that provides sufficient air circulation for the hand. These features are given so that users feel at home for a long time using them.

Our complaint is only one: the strap system on his wrist doesn’t feel. Although it has two straps (inside and outside), RDX T9 sometimes still feels loose. However, this is actually a matter of each user’s preference. Perhaps RDX considers users who prefer less space on the wrist.

With all the security and comfort features provided, it seems that the price of the RDX T9 is not too expensive. You can get it for $40.99 (Price based on Amazon data). The price is quite appropriate for the safety and comfort of you practicing MMA.

Pros Cons
Genuine leather material provides high durability Slightly less fitting on the wrist
fitting on the wrist
Quite pliable, suitable for grappling fighting techniques
Has bearings that dampen shock and impact