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5 Gym Equipment for Women to Exercise at Home

Gym Equipment for Women – Going to the gym is sometimes not as easy as imagined. Not only because paying for a gym membership feels very expensive at once, but you also have to go outside the house and go to the shopping center to use the tools there. If it seems, just buy the tools and exercise at home.

Yes, there is no need to buy large gym machines to make your body look good. You can collect small gym tools to strengthen your hands and feet, including your inner thighs and hips.

Here are gym tools that can make a woman’s body better without having to exercise like bodybuilding.

Resistance Band to Strengthen Leg and Hip Muscles

This long rubber is actually in the gym. Honey, not many people use it. Fortunately, resistance bands are easy to get and the price is not too expensive. Resistance bands are often used by professional running athletes to strengthen the muscles of the legs and thighs, as well as the hips.

You can also use it to make your hand muscles stronger. There is no man near you to lift heavy objects is no problem. Training with resistance bands can make some of your body stronger.

Dumbbell Maximum 5 Kg to Tighten Arm Muscles

After all, you don’t need a 10 kg dumbbell to make your arms muscular. To tighten your arms and legs, you only need 2 or 3 kg dumbbells and do squad movements. Lightweight and a lot of movement will make the body’s muscles tighter without making it excessively large.

Doing a lot of movement with light dumbbells can also burn calories like cardio exercise. Who says shrinking the stomach can only be done by running? Dumbbells can do it too.

Gym Ball Size 55 Cm for Back and Stomach Movements

IFitness Body Sports with Gym Ball (by: PixaHive with Creative Commons Licenses)

Big balls in the gym can also, make your body stronger as well as flexible. Doing sit-ups, push-ups, and planks using a gym ball gives you more sensation than doing it on the floor. So, actually, you don’t need too much gym equipment at home.

To make it more perfect, you can combine benchpress movements on top of the gym ball and feel a lot of muscles that will be trained at one time. There is no need to be too big in choosing a gym ball. Your house makes a hall or dance class.

Aerobic Step for Up and Down Movement

This thing is often used for aerobic equipment and of course, you often find it in other aerobic or cardio classes. At least many variations of movement that you can get by using this one tool, such as uphill movements and lifting dumbbells upwards.

Aerobic steps can also be used to train the balance and speed of the feet. Foot speed means making your feet more agile. It also means slimmer legs. Interested?

Yoga Mat for All Needs

You must have understood how to use it. Yoga-style floor movements you can do on the mat. Take advantage of the yoga mat even more by doing a lot of movement there. Good for stretching, main movements, even for cooling.

It’s good, you don’t just have one yoga mat in your home gym room. This one tool can store a lot of germs because the sweaty body directly touches it. So, you have to diligently clean it and replace it.

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