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15 Best Football Shoes: Latest Designs and Recommendations

Not just kicking the ball into the goal, football is one of the sports that is said to be the most popular in the world.

Well, to become a reliable football player, of course, football players and also you, must use the equipment used such as football shoes. The best football shoes are also of course a must-have, in order to support a good game.

The reason is that the selection of the best football shoes is an important thing. Because, they have to use special shoes that can make them comfortable when playing, running, and jumping on the grass.

Not only that, the best football shoes also have various categories, depending on the type of field that will be the place where the game will take place. Well, as we know, that there are many brands or brands of football shoes that are very popular in the world.

However, to have good and quality football shoes, it turns out that you don’t have to spend an expensive budget anyway. Because, the best football shoes, do not mean that they are expensive, and more importantly, the comfort and specific factors.

So, if you find football shoes that are not too expensive, but are comfortable and have qualified specifications, why not?

15 Best Football Shoes

Well, for those of you who are still confused about the various choices of football shoes, you can see the following rows of the best football shoes, ranging from brands, designs or models, and also the latest prices.

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy Neymar TF

The first and most recommended best football shoes are shoes from the Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Academy brand Neymar TF. Where these best football shoes can be used as an option for those of you who want to run agilely on synthetic turf courts.

In addition, this football shoe also has an outsole specifically designed to make it easier for you to change direction when you are running.

For the upper part, it also has a texture that makes it easier for you to control the ball, while running on a grassy court.

2. Nike TiempoX Finale 10R IC Porto Alegre

The next best football shoe is a shoe with the brand Nike TiempoX Finale 10R IC Porto Alegre. Where with these shoes, you can feel ronaldinho-style death scratches. Comes with amazing details, this starch has a 10R emblem on the upper.

For the details of the material, the upper part is made of cowhide, so it looks elegant and exclusive. So, it will look sticky to the feet and can make it easier for you to control the ball and do a swipe.

Well, with these shoes you can use them and are suitable for playing on vinyl and parquette types of courts.

3. Adidas Predator Tango 19,3 Turf Shoes

Next up is the Adidas Predator Tango 19.3 Turf Shoes brand football shoes, which are included in the best football shoe recommendations. There is something different from the usual football shoes, in the ankle, these shoes will hold the ankle tightly. So, the occurrence of ankle injury will be even more minimal.

4. Puma Future 2.4

Puma Future 2.4 is also one of the best types of football shoes, which is highly recommended for you. Almost similar to the Adidas Predator, Puma Future 2.4 also has a spandek sock extension section, which is specifically designed to prevent injuries to the ankle.

Designed using a stud configuration, so it can be played on natural and synthetic grassy fields. Elegant model, this shoe turned out to be made of soft synthetic material.

With the best football shoes from Puma, you can comfortably run, maintain stability, and control the ball. The price is also not too expensive, for the size of the ball shoes that can be used, in two types of courts.

5. Specs Accelerator Lightspeed II FG

The next best football shoes come from a local Indonesian factory, namely the Specs Accelerator Lightspeed II. The reason is that this local football shoe manufacturer is also not inferior, producing high-quality products, one of which is the Lightspeed II Accelerator type.

The simple design, this football shoe designed for speed and lightness, is made using lightweight tech technology.

So it is very suitable for players in the position of midfielder and striker, where you can maintain stability and running speed when playing.

6. Nike Superfly 6 Club

Nike Superfly 6 Club

Not only Adidas and Puma, the Superfly 6 Club type Nike, also has football shoes equipped with “socks”, which can wrap the ankle more attached to minimize injuries. One of the best football shoes also has a cool design and brilliant colors.

Nike Superfly 6 Club, made with synthetic materials, and can be used in both original and synthetic grassy field types. For the size of the price of a football shoe, with a world-renowned brand, namely Nike, it is also not too expensive.

7. Lotto Blade

The next best football shoes are the lotto brand, of Italian origin. Lotto itself was founded in 1939. Where in 1973, Lotto made its debut as a sports footwear manufacturer, including becoming one of the best football shoe brands.

Made of this synthetic material will make those of you who wear it, able to move freely and agilely in the field. Moreover, the weight of shoes, which is relatively light, can maximize your every style on the court.

The style and model are simple, the design of this shoe turns out to use All Condition Control technology, to maintain friction and control the ball, in all circumstances. These shoes are also suitable for use on surfaces with a moderate level of hardness.

8. Adidas Football Mens X 18.4 Flexible Ground

The best football shoe recommendation that is no less good is the Adidas Football Mens X 18.4 Flexible Ground. Where shoes with this well-known brand have a trendy design, because the upper is designed to be embossed, to optimize your ability to control the ball.

The material used is also made of synthetic leather, so the wearer will be more comfortable. Not only that, this shoe can also be used on various types of fields, because it can produce good precision. With a price of under IDR 500 thousand, making this shoe can be included in your choice of the best football shoes.

9. Specs EqulNox FG

Indonesia’s best football shoe product also turns out to have a type that is cheap, but of high quality. Where the Specs EqulNox FG, has a flexible and elastic material, so it can make you free to do various movements in the field.

For the bottom, it is deliberately specially designed so that it is not slippery, when it stops suddenly, because this shoe is able to grip the ground well. Neat stitching, with a light choice of colors, makes you look sporty.

10. Catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071

Not only for adults, the best football shoes can also be used by children. One of them is a football shoe under the brand Name Catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071. The reason is, the Catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071 shoe is specially designed, which is made of synthetic leather material, so it is very waterproof.

The stitches are also made tight, so that the shoes are not easily broken, as well as being able to wrap the feet well. So, if you have children, younger siblings, cousins who have an interest in football, you can buy a catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071 type of shoes, as the right recommendation.

11. PUMA Future 2.4 FG/AG

If previously, PUMA launched a chic and attractive futsal shoe. Now, this brand with the tiger logo also has football shoes which are certainly no less superior than other shoe brands. Yup, again, the Future series is PUMA’s mainstay shoe for the green field.

This shoe is specially designed using a stud configuration to be playable on natural grassy fields or synthesis. The top of this shoe is soft synthetic, so it is comfortable when used to maintain stability when running on the ground and easy to control the ball.

In addition, the shoe is also equipped with a spandex sock extension to prevent the occurrence of ankle injuries. This product is also made of Textile and Synthetic materials that are soft and durable. These football shoes are also supported by a lightweight and reactive hybrid outsit.

12. Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17.3

Who doesn’t know Adidas? It seems impossible if someone doesn’t know this one brand. Yes, this German sports equipment company is already famous for its very high-quality production goods, including football shoes.

Especially for football, Adidas also has a complete collection, be it football shoes and futsal. Various models and categories were also launched to satisfy their customers, both for beginners and professionals. Well, Adidas has also presented the shoes that are currently used by the best player in the world, Lionel Messi. The shoes used are the Nemeziz series.

However, not only football shoes, this time Nemeziz comes with the Tango 17.3 series which can be the latest shoe collection that can be used for various types of indoor futsal playing fields. Textile and synthetic materials make these shoes lighter and more flexible when dribbling.

Although designed for futsal, this Adidas shoe also has a slick design and technology. Like Dual Lock Technology, where this technology is made to be able to adjust players who have agility like Messi. Meanwhile, the Dual Lock in the ankle section serves to maintain the balance and agility of the legs in every movement.

Not only that, this coolest football shoe is designed with the Agility Bandage System, which is a tapping-like pattern designed to maximize player mobility, so that when wearing this shoe, the foot will feel fit and blend with the shoe.

13. Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Club FG

Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Club FG

One of the big brands in the world of sports equipment, Nike, presents products that support playing style and appearance on the field, especially speed. These shoes are familiar to football lovers. Yup, none other than mercurial, one of the best football shoes on the market.

Nike Mercurial is specially designed the type of player who relies on speed. These shoes are commonly used by players who play in the position of striker or winger. In fact, these football shoes are also worn by one of the world’s top players whose name has never been absent on the scorer list, namely Cristiano Ronaldo.

Superfly 6 Club is materialized with synthetic material that wraps the legs perfectly and remains light for maximum comfort. In addition, this shoe is also equipped with Dynamic Collar Fit, which is a material such as socks that wraps around the wrist to minimize injuries.

The sole of this shoe has a Multi Ground design, which is suitable for all types of football fields, and it can also be for synthetic turf fields. One of the best football shoes in the world is suitable for beginners who want to act on the pitch like Cristiano Ronaldo.

14. PUMA Future 19.4 IT

The following recommendations for football shoe products come from one of the brands that are quite well known by sports lovers, including football. Yes, PUMA is an international company that produces shoes and sports equipment.

Known in the world of football, PUMA has sponsored several famous legendary players, such as Maradona, Pele, and Deschamps. Meanwhile, for today’s era, PUMA also cooperates with names such as Marco Reus, Aguero, Neymar, and Griezmann.

Not only football shoes, PUMA also has a collection for futsal which is a pity to miss. One of the futsal shoes that is its flagship product is the Future 19.4 IT series.

For those of you who prefer indoor ball games, or futsal, then PUMA Future 19.4 IT is the right choice. Specially designed to use a synthetic upper on the top, as well as an outsole using a lightweight rubber solid material, this shoe can help you avoid getting sprawled when playing on the futsal court.

In addition, this shoe is also equipped with soft leather on the top, making the touch and control of the ball even more optimal. This futsal shoe was created for players who rely on speed.

15. Catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071

Catenzo Junior CJR-CNS 071

Football is not only played by adults, but young children can also play this sport. In fact, nowadays it is also facilitated in the form of a school or place for special football training for children. However, football shoes for children are also now widely available in the market.

Well, if you see that your child or sister has more interest in playing football, then there is nothing wrong with buying Catenzo Junior shoes. Why choose Catenzo Junior? Because, this shoe is specially designed in a classy manner using synthetic leather material that is waterproof specifically for children who like to play in all weathers.

In addition, the stitches are also made tight so that they are not easily broken or damaged, and can wrap the feet well. This nice football shoe is designed to be sporty and comfy with its neat stitching. Catenzo Junior is produced by a company called Miski Aghnia Corporation (MACo.) located in Bandung, West Java.

How to Choose the Best Football Shoes According to the Type of Field

As we know, the football shoes used in the artifical field, of course, are different from the football shoes for the ground field with real grass. So, so that you can choose the right shoes, here are tips or how to choose them:

Choose based on its use

Football sports, not only can be done in the open field, because you can do this sport on a closed or indoor field. Well, when viewed from the type of field, you also need to choose a special type of shoe.

Shoes with small protrusions, usually used in synthetic turf fields. Shoes with large and sparse protrusions, are usually used in dirt fields with real grass. And finally, you can choose futsal shoes without protrusions or serrations, which are commonly used in vinyl or parquette fields.

Choose the appropriate shoe size

Not only choosing shoes according to use and the type of field, you can also choose shoes with the right size. The reason is, you will have active activities, such as running, jumping, and others.

So, shoe size is very important to pay attention to. Moreover, for shoe sizes, usually each shoe company may be different, depending on the country where the shoe is produced.

Choose based on the characteristics of the manufacturer

Well, to find the right and suitable football shoes, you can find out based on the characteristics of each manufacturer.

Because, shoe manufacturers also make or design shoes, according to the shape of the feet of most people in the country.

For example, in Asia, it is common to have the characteristics of sprawling legs, while in Europe, it has the characteristics of large and long legs.

Choose by material

It would be better, if the shoes are made of materials or materials that make the feet comfortable, such as made of real leather. Not only the upper part, you also pay attention to other parts, such as the sole, stitches, and others.